Quality Workmanship and Building Processes

Construction Safety

Globicon is committed to developing and working according to an agreement with employee representatives regarding the management of safety, occupational health and the environment.

Providing a safe and healthy work place for all employees and clients, to achieve high standards of environmental care.

Our goal is to collectively make globicon an incident free work force.

Comprehensive Construction Service

Our vision is to encompass all aspects of the building process, in order to offer our clients, the highest level of comprehensive turn key service and quality workmanship, that will prove to satisfy and stand the test of time.

Construction Specialties:

  • Resedential Construction
  • Corporate Construction
  • Retail Construction
  • Renovation Services

Eco-Friendly Building Techniques

Globicon understands the importance of creating and maintaining the healthy environment as it affects us all.

We are continually looking at and understanding break through products and construction techniques to reduce our carbon foot print for the benefit of our environment.

Conserving natural resources, reducing the environmental burden of waste generation emissions to air, water & land through strategies focusing on reducing, re using, recycling and the safe deposit of waste.

The environmentally aware consumer can no longer be ignored.