Green building solutions, Gauteng.

Globicon Construction understands the importance of protecting our environment. As such, we are registered with the Green Building Council and and committed to using eco-friendly building methodologies and products to maintain a green environment.

We strive to be at the forefront of industry technology and continually research new products and construction techniques to reduce our carbon footprint to give nature back to our environment.

When consulting and working with our clients we focus on:

  • Conserving natural resources.
  • The use of natural raw materials such as water, glass, stone and wood, ensuring that the elements of the environment integrate with our solutions.
  • Reducing the environmental burden of waste generation emissions to air, water and land. We do this by using strategies that focus on three critical environmental issues; reducing, reusing & recycling.
  • The safe disposal of waste is a matter that we take very seriously and follow all regulations and guidelines as set out by the Department of Environmental Affairs.
  • Bringing nature into the home is what Globicon Construction is renowned for and our unique solutions are our competitive advantages.
  • Indoor and outdoor integrated living is a global trend that is set to mould our living standards as living spaces become more user-friendly to cater for new technology. Outdoor living integrated seamlessly with indoor lifestyles demand that solutions that match our clients' lifestyles.

Our recent green building solutions and projects in Gauteng include:

  • Underground water tanks
  • Off-the-grid energy systems
  • Solar powered solutions that reduce the demands on our national energy provider
  • Heat pumps
  • Rain water harvesting to reduce the burden on our natural resource suppliers

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