We Believe in Quality

Quality Construction Quality Service - a motto that everyone at Globicon not only subscribes to, but lives by it day in and day out, year in and year out.

At Globicon, we believe in quality in everything that we do for our clients, from the raw materials used, to the smallest details in a design.

  • We provide creative advice.
  • Quality control is key in every project we work on.
  • We have a strong focus on attention to detail.

To maintain our promise of quality, it is crucial that we subscribe to the ethos proposed by the Master Builders' Association (MBA), CLICK HERE to read more about the industry's leading controlling body. Globicon ensures that it follows industry regulations and guidelines at all times. This is to give our clients the peace of mind and confidence that their projects will be managed by experienced, reputable and reliable contractors.

Our projects have become industry standards and this is something that fills us with immense pride. CLICK HERE to see some of our projects. These projects cover all industries including retail shopping malls, corporate buildings, warehouses, commercial, factories, workshops and residential houses and complexes.

With quality a keen focus in the industry, Globicon ensures that it stays at the forefront f both technology and industry trends. Technology in product manufacture and in construction methodologies are driving the industry into the future.

Quality Construction Quality Service - something that our clients have come to expect from Globicon, a reputable, reliable and experienced building contractor in commercial, residential and retail industries.