About Globicon Construction

Globicon Construction is a leading luxury construction and development firm that has worked on a large number of industry-leading projects in the Gauteng region. The owners of Globicon Construction are personally vested in the success of all projects, and the team treats each project individually, with the specific design and aesthetic quality desired.

We serve our clients directly with our experienced team of contractors and project managers, and we also have strong relationships with the best suppliers, specialised subcontractors, and engineers to bring into the project fold as needed. Every new build component is handled by an expert from our team, and we employ bricklayers, carpenters, concrete specialists, experienced painters, and tiling specialists to ensure that our upscale projects exceed every expectation. From interior to exterior, your new construction project in Gauteng will be spared no attention to detail or quality.

We are also registered members of the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and the Master Builders’ Association, offering our clients total peace of mind that they will receive professional and reliable construction services with each build. As such, we keep up to date on all industry standards, regulations, and service standards.

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Our Mission

At our core, we are a visionary company dedicated to sustainability, quality, and service excellence. Founded by AB van Zyl in 2005, Globicon Construction has continued to uphold these values and has built a solid reputation for quality, while experiencing considerable growth since its inception. With over 17 years of experience as a leader in the luxury construction industry, we are committed to meeting our deadlines, ensuring consistent quality, and operating within project budgets – all while using the best eco-friendly business practices and building materials available.


We offer the best turnkey construction solutions and interior design management in Gauteng and the surrounding regions throughout South Africa. Our construction, design, and development services offer high-end luxury residential living and commercial builds that surpass all expectations for quality, durability, and sustainability.

Turnkey Construction and Development Projects

From initial concept to structural design to project completion, we build construction projects from the ground up. Upon completion, our new builds are move-in ready, with a luxurious, upscale aesthetic to appeal to the lifestyles of our clientele.

Interior Design Services

When we say our projects are turnkey, we mean it. With our full-service team of interior designers, we will utilise complementary design features, modern paint colors, and luxury tile selections, showcasing the interior as a bright and clean space that has an upscale visual appeal.

Engineering Solutions

When complex projects require advanced engineering solutions, we work with qualified specialists to ensure structural integrity and foundational support of the buildings and their components, providing safety and stability over the long-term.

Architectural Services and Design

With our extensive background in architectural planning and design, we combine form with function, and luxury with sustainability. We can provide architectural consulting on a build of any complexity, from small residential builds to large-scale infrastructure projects.

Project Management

With the best team of contract managers and foremen in the industry, Globicon will manage your project to be completed on time, on budget, and with the ultimate adherence to safety and quality. Our project management skills have been showcased in a variety of commercial and residential builds that we have completed with a proven record of success. We are always able to manage multi-million-rand budgets with ease and fluidity.

Civil Work

When planning the design and construction of a large-scale civil works project, the team at Globicon will ensure the durability and quality needed to accommodate the large volume of stress that these structures typically carry on a daily basis. We work on civil projects including transportation and water systems, and with comprehensive design, analysis, and construction, we will ensure these structures can withstand heavy traffic and even natural disasters.

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Address: 1 Moepel Road, Kampersrus AH, 1371, Limpopo

Phone: +27 76 683 4216

E-mail: ab@globicon.co.za